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Here you will find a list (in chronological order) of our scientific output, e.g. conference talks and other oral presentations, publications and events that are related to the Smart Communication project. For upcoming talks and activities, please go to the section News.

* Publications: When full texts are not available, please contact the author(s).


Oloff, F. (2022). Smartphones im Gespräch: Mobile Endgeräte und die Organisation sozialer Interaktion in Face-to-Face Settings. Series of lectures “Sprache – Leib – Interaktion” (EZS) (Mannheim, 22.11.2022).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2022). “Translocality in the digital era: Empowerment and agency (challenges) of the hyper-modern migrant. National Communication Association Convention (New Orleans, LA, 17-20.11.2022).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2022). “Technobodily literacy in video interaction” part of the panel titled “Broadening the Landscape of Linguistic Anthropology“. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting (Seattle, WA, 09-13.11.2022).

Avgustis, I. (2022). “Situated prioritization of on-screen activities over co-present interaction.” Presentation at the seminar “Studying technologized social interaction: Trends and challenges” (University of Oulu, 24.-25.08.2022).

Oloff, F. (2022). “‘Mundane multiactivity’ in Czech conversation: Using smartphones while talking”. 3rd International Conference on Sociolinguistics: Diversities, New Media and Language Management (Prague, 24.-26.08.2022).

Avgustis, I. & Ibnelkaïd, S. (2022). “Occupying Other’s digital space: privacy as a situated practice.” IMPEC 2022 Conference (Lyon, 06.-08.07.2022).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2022). “Migrants and screens: Translocality in the digital era.” IMPEC 2022 Conference (Lyon, 06.-08.07.2022).

Oloff, F. (2022). “Pointing to the already visible: the interactional meaning of deictic gestures directed to smartphone screens.” IMPEC 2022 Conference (Lyon, 06.-08.07.2022).

Oloff, F. (2022). “Analysing the complexity of smartphone-based showings: different types of digital showables and their assessment.” Invited talk & workshop at the Summer School Advancing Multimodal Conversation Analysis (21.-24.06.2022), University of Basel (held online, 24.06.2022).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2022) ´.“Migration in the digital era: Translocality as a situated, embodied, and artifacted accomplishment.” 72nd annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference (May 26-30, 2022, Paris). 

Oloff, F. (2022). “U Can(’t) Touch This: Negotiating Visual and Haptic Access to Smartphone Displays in Social Interaction.” Invited talk at the series of online talks “Voice and Touch-controlled Technology in Social Interaction”, organised by H. Helmer & S. Reineke (IDS Mannheim) (Online, 16.02.2022).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). Blurred lines between body and artifact: Personification and reification phenomena in digital interactions” Presentation at the “6th Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction” (Online – 17-19 November 2021)

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). “Sustainable translocalities in a culture of hypermobility and interconnectedness”. Guest speaker at “Zurich URPP Language and Space Colloquium” (Zurich – 11.11.21).

Råman, J.; Oloff, F. (2021). “Mobilizing assistance through complaints: The case of digital skills courses for adults.” Presentation at the AFinLA 50th Anniversary Symposium (Jyväskylä, 11.-13.11.2021).

Avgustis, I.; Oloff, F. (2021). “Bringing smartphone users (back) into the conversation“. Presentation at the 17th International Pragmatics Conference, Panel “Technology use in social interaction: enabling vs. constraining participation” (Winterthur / Online – 27.06.-02.07.2021).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). “Making the invisible visible: showing extimacy in video interaction”. Presentation at the 17th International Pragmatics Conference, Panel “Technology use in social interaction: enabling vs. constraining participation” (Winterthur / Online – 27.06.-02.07.2021).

Råman, J. (2021). “Balancing between instruction and problem-solving: The role of demonstrations in the teaching of digital skills for the elderly“. Presentation at the 17th International Pragmatics Conference, Panel “Technology use in social interaction: enabling vs. constraining participation” (Winterthur / Online – 27.06.-02.07.2021).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). Caring from afar: video interaction as a safe heterotopia?” Presentation at the “71st International Communication Association Conference” (Online – 27-31 May 2021)

Oloff, F. (2021). Where on- and offline meet: digital action spaces and skills in everyday communication. Keynote lecture at the “III LANGSCAPE SYMPOSIUM Dynamics of multilingualism in the digital public space” (27.05.2021, remote).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). Technobodily enactments of “experience-sharing configurations” in video interaction. Talk at the Bremen-Groningen Online Workshop on Multimodality, (Online – 21.05.21).

Ibnelkaïd, S. & Avgustis, I. (2021). The embodied and artifacted nature of human interaction. Lecture at the Video-based Research PhD course, University of Oulu (Online – 28.04.21).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). Technobodily ethnomethods: Co-enacting percepaction in video interaction. Talk at the COACT Research day (Online – 26.02.21).

Ibnelkaïd, S. (2021). “Co-enacting the imaginal world: intercorporeality in challenging interactions”. Invited talk at the “Social Interactions in Inclusive Educational Settings” Symposium University of Tampere (Online – 28.01.21).

Oloff, F. (2021). Getting hold of someone else’s phone: imperative turns, embodied conduct and shared objects. Invited talk at the Bremen-Groningen Online Workshop on Multimodality, (15.01.2021, remote).

Oloff, F. (2020). “I can’t find the ‘okay'”: learning how to use smartphones in adult education courses. Presentation at the Linguistikzirkel (Lectures in Language, Culture, and Communication) at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (01.12.2020, remote / Vienna).

Avgustis, I. (2020). Smartphone Breaks. Data Session at the Zurich Online School in Multimodal Interaction Analysis (10.11.2020, remote / Zurich).

Oloff, F. (2020). OK Computer, OK Humanities: empirical data, micro-analysis and “big issues” of everyday technology use. Presentation & plenary discussion at the University of Oulu ‘Meet the Top Scientist’-Seminar (03.11.2020, Oulu).

Oloff, F. (2020). New technologies – new social conduct? How we use smartphones in face-to-face interaction. Keynote lecture, conference VALS-ASLA 2020 “Applied Linguistics in the digital age” (12.-14.02.2020, Neuchâtel).

Avgustis, I. (2019). Data session: “Taking pictures of food collaboratively”. Course “Analyzing Human Interaction: Developing analytical skills in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (EMCA Bootcamp)” (09.-13.12.2019, Middelfart).

Oloff, F. (2019). How applied linguistics can contribute to the study of mobile device use. AFinLA Autumn Symposium 2019 (15.-16.11.2019, Oulu).

Oloff, F. (2019). Exploring mobile device use in social interaction through conversation analysis. SIG20-26 Workshop ”Current and emerging technologies in research for human learning and interaction” (09.-11.10.2019, Oulu).

Avgustis, I. (2019). Mobile device use by “digital natives”: co-operative skills and practices in face-to-face encounters. PhD course “Technology and Social Interaction”, University of Copenhagen (01.-03.10.2019, Copenhagen).

Avgustis, I. (2019). Gathering research materials: processes, challenges, solutions. Multimodality in (inter)action theme group, 6th data and text seminar, Åbo Akademi (23.08.2019, Turku).

Avgustis, I.; Oloff, F. (2019) Capturing everyday complexity: video recording and analyzing mobile device use in everyday face-to-face encounters. IIEMCA conference (02.-05.07.2019, Mannheim).

Avgustis, I. (2019). Mobile device use: co-operative skills and practices in face-to-face encounters. English Philology Research seminar, University of Oulu (19.05.2019, Oulu).

Oloff, F. (2019). Smartphones in conversational flux: talking about using technology. COACT conference 2019 (23.- 25.04.2019, Oulu).

Avgustis, I. (2019). Situated affordances of smartphones in showing sequences. Data workshop, Multimodality in (inter)action theme group, 5th data and text seminar, University of Oulu (14.-15.03.2019, Oulu).

Avgustis, I. (2018). Data session: Collaborative smartphone use. PhD Course “Embodiment and intercorporeality in interaction”, University of Oulu Graduate School (10.-11.12.2018, Oulu)

Oloff, F. (2018). Talking, watching, turning, touching: Smartphone use in everyday face-to-face interaction. Invited keynote lecture, PhD Course “Embodiment and intercorporeality in interaction”, University of Oulu Graduate School (10.-11.12.2018, Oulu).

Oloff, F. (2018). Turning (to) displays: smartphones as social objects in face-to-face interaction. Nordisco 2018 / 5th Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction (21.-23.11.2018, Aarhus).

Oloff, F. (2018). Smart Communication. Project presentation at the Eudaimonia Institute Kickoff Event, University of Oulu (18.10.2018, Oulu).

König, K.; Oloff, F. (2018). Panel overview and closing discussion: Interaktion mit Smartphones, Smartphones in der Interaktion. GAL-Kongress 2018 “Sprachen Kommunikation, Öffentlichkeit” (11.-14.09.2018, Essen).

Oloff, F. (2018). ‘Show me!’- Seizing smartphones and inspecting visual content in face-to-face interaction. International Conference on Conversation Analysis 2018 / ICCA (11.-15.7.2018, Loughborough).

Oloff, F. (2018). Pointing at displays: using smartphones as social objects. VALS/ASLA conference “A video turn in linguistics?” (06.-08.06.2018, Basel).

Oloff, F. (2017). ‘Zeig mal!’ Smartphones als gezeigte, ‘zeigende’ und geteilte Objekte in der Interaktion. 20. Tagung für Gesprächsforschung (29.-31.03.2017, Mannheim).


Avgustis, I., Oloff, F. (2023). Mundane Food Photography: Managing Multiple Involvements in the Context of Self-Initiated Smartphone Use. Social Interaction. Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality6(2). //OPEN ACCESS//

Råman, J. & Oloff, F. (2022). “Mobilising assistance via complaints in digital skills courses for adults”. Seppälä, T., S. Lesonen, P. Iikkanen S. S. D’hondt (toim.) 2022. Kieli, muutos ja yhteiskunta – Language, Change and Society. AFinLAn vuosikirja 2022. Suomen soveltavan kielitieteen yhdistyksen julkaisuja n:o 79. Jyväskylä: 234–260. //OPEN ACCESS//

Ibnelkaïd, S. (accepted) “Technobodily literacy in video interaction” In Duranti, A., George, R., Conley Riner, R. (eds) New Wiley Blackwell Companion to Linguistic Anthropology.

Ibnelkaïd, S. (accepted) “Co-shaping humane technology use: Hybrid sociabilities in times of a pandemic” In Vom Lehn, D., Ruiz-Junco, N., Gibson, W. (eds) People, Technology, and Social Organization: interactionist studies of everyday life, Routledge.

Avgustis I., Oloff F. (accepted). “Collecting and analysing multi-source video data: Grasping the opacity of smartphone use in face-to-face encounters”. In Haddington P. et al. (eds.) Ethnomethodological Conversation Analysis in Motion: Emerging Methods and Technologies.

Råman, J. (2022). Multimodal negotiation for the right to access digital devices among elderly users and teachers. In: Alarauhio, J.-P.; Räisänen, T.; Toikkanen, J.; Tumelius, R. (eds.). Shaping the North Through Multimodal and Intermedial Interaction, Palgrave Macmillan: 67–93. //ACCESS//

Oloff, F. (2021). Show imperatives in smartphone-based showing sequences in Czech and German. Gesprächsforschung – Online-Zeitschrift zur verbalen Interaktion 22: 691-724. //OPEN ACCESS//

Oloff, F. (2021). New technologies – new social conduct? A sequential and multimodal approach to smartphone use in face-to-face interaction. Bulletin VALS-ASLA, Special issue, vol. 1: 13-34. //OPEN ACCESS//

Oloff, F. (2021). Some systematic aspects of self-initiated mobile device use in face-to-face encounters. Journal für Medienlinguistik 2(2): 195–235.

Oloff, F.; Råman, J. (2020). What “silver surfers” can teach us: exploring digital skills courses for older adults. Blog “Science with Arctic Attitude”, University of Oulu. Published 07.04.2020.

König, K.; Oloff, F. (2019). Mobile Medienpraktiken im Spannungsfeld von Öffentlichkeit, Privatheit und Anonymität. Journal für Medienlinguistik 2(2): 1-27.

Oloff, F. (2019). Das Smartphone als soziales Objekt: Eine multimodale Analyse von initialen Zeigesequenzen in Alltagsgesprächen. In: Marx, K.; Schmidt, A. (eds.). Interaktion und Medien. Interaktionsanalytische Zugänge zu medienvermittelter Kommunikation. Heidelberg, Winter Verlag: 191-218.

Oloff, F. (2019). Smartphones, social skills and smombies: mobile device use in everyday communication. Blog “Science with Arctic Attitude”, University of Oulu. Published 09.05.2019.


Panel “(A)typical users of technology in social interaction” at the 18th International Pragmatics Conference. Organizers: F. Oloff, H. Helmer (09.07.-14.07.2023, Brussels). //MORE INFO//

Panel “Technology use in social interaction: enabling vs. constraining participation” at the 17th International Pragmatics Conference, Organizers: F. Oloff, I. Avgustis, S. Ibnelkaïd, J. Råman (27.06.-02.07.2021, Winterthur). //MORE INFO//

PhD course Video-based research: Visualizing multimodality in human interaction. Organisers: S. Ibnelkaïd, I. Avgustis (27.-29.04.2021), remote / University of Oulu.

PhD course Intersubjectivity in (inter)action: a multisensorial phenomenon. Organisers: S. Ibnelkaïd, I. Avgustis (23.-25.11.2020), remote / University of Oulu.

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