Interview with local newspaper “Kaleva”

Team member Hana Kalábová has been interviewed by the Finnish newspaper “Kaleva” about her position and tasks as research assistant in the Smart Communication project. The article on students and their jobs and income has been published on February 15, 2022.

CfP Special Issue on Technology Use

Joonas Råman and Florence Oloff are co-editing a special issue with the title:  ”Understanding technology use in face-to-face interaction”, to appear in “Prologi–Journal of Communication and Social Interaction”. This journal encourages experts from different disciplines to engage in dialogue within the academic field of communication and interaction. If you would like to contribute an article…

Talk at the “AFinLA 50th Anniversary Symposium”

Joonas Råman and Florence Oloff are going to present their talk “Mobilizing assistance through complaints: The case of digital skills courses for adults” at the AFInLA 50th Anniversary Symposium in Jyväskylä (11-13 November 2021).

Smart Communication Project

Here you will find a list of our upcoming presentations and research activities related to the Smart Communication Project

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