Talk at the English Seminar at the University of Oulu

English Seminar, Oulu. June 07, 2021.

English Seminar, University of Oulu – Online – 07 June 2021 15:00 (EET). Samira Ibnelkaïd will give a talk titled Co-shaping humane technology use: Hybrid sociabilities in times of a pandemic” on 07/06/21 at 15:00 (EET).

To further understand the on- and off-screen display of extimacy and the ways in which individuals interconnect their inner and outer worlds through digital devices and in collaboration with others during the COVID19 pandemic, this project focuses on a specific community of individuals particularly affected by the ongoing restrictions; expatriates in Finland. Young foreigners have most parts of their existing social life abroad and are yet to create a new social network in Finland.

On the one hand, digital devices, allow them to share their immediate world with distant relatives. Indeed, video calls are not to be regarded as simple “talking heads” configurations but they rather constitute, in intimate contexts, ways for oneself to share their surroundings, their ongoing activities, their pets and other third parties, etc. On the other hand, digital devices are ways for them to share their distant world with new acquaintances in their immediate presence. They are indeed used both to reach out to each other through social networks for instance and to show personal elements on smartphones in face to face encounters. In either circumstance, displaying extimacy is always a matter of making visible the invisible through digital devices co-enacting hybrid sociabilities.

Published by Samira Ibnelkaïd

Docteure Qualifiée en Sciences Du Langage Chercheure Associée Laboratoire ICAR Lyon